Polka Monday, Vol. 52: Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra, “No Beer in Heaven”

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December 28, 2015 by billysparrow

For the last Polka Monday of  2015 (haven’t decided whether Polka Monday will return in 2016), I humbly present a cut off the hard-to-find (believe me, I’ve spent plenty of time trying to find it, as the copy I bought on the Internet is missing the first album of the two-album set) “Polka Disco” record from Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra. Sturr said he hates the album in his autobiography, and my personal plea to re-release it was not met with a ton of enthusiasm from Mr. Sturr, so I fear many will never hear it. In an attempt to rectify that, I give you this cut off side 4 titled “No Beer in Heaven,” though commonly called “In Heaven There Is No Beer.” This video was recorded in my apartment, and I intend no disrespect by posting it here. I just feel it deserves to be heard. So hear it, won’t you?

Best wishes for a Happy Polka New Year!


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