Polka Monday, Vol 29: Jimmy Sturr and the Orchestra, “The Chicken Dance”

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July 20, 2015 by billysparrow

No, this is not technically a polka, but it is the middle of the summer, and in the middle of the summer, my thoughts forever turn to the Catskills and Eva’s Farm and Donnie’s Green Lantern and Bobby Jean’s Restaurant and the Villa Napoli and Junior Speedway and, oh my God, a ton of other great places, all gone now and only living in the hearts and minds of those who spent time in Greene County, New York in the 1980s.

Hunter Mountain, of course, is still there, and there are still a few festivals on the calendar every year. But none of them are like this, under the big tent, with a dance floor teeming with people and Jimmy Sturr hopping on tables to lead “The Chicken Dance.” I witnessed that many times (my mom had one of those chicken hats), and I’m glad this video exists to preserve that moment. I could watch it every day of my life. Chicken hats off to whoever recorded it.

(One small quibble, why would you film the keyboard player during the super-fast conclusion? If ever a moment called for a crowd shot, dude…)


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